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53868Re: vimrc on windows

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  • Mathias Michaelis
    Sep 30 12:21 AM
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      Hi Antoine

      >> o Let vim figure out $VIM and $VIMRUNTIME by itself or
      >> set $VIM=%ProgramFiles%\vim\ and let vim figure out
      >> $VIMRUNTIME.
      > Yes. Though I suppose it doesn't matter much. The reason I prefer
      > it this way is that $VIMRUNTIME will change whenever there is a
      > new version (not patchlevel) upgrade of Vim.
      Yes this is an advantage. Although with my configuration it is
      possible to have several versions of vim installed and then select
      the the desired one with $VIMRUNTIME, this would not be very practical.

      >> o Put the personal _vimrc into %USERPROFILE% (that is mapped to
      >> to $HOME by vim). I can then put my myvimrc.vim and mswin.vim
      >> where I want ant source them from within _vimrc.
      > I noticed a few minutes ago that %HOME% doesn't exist by default.
      > I added a CMD.EXE autorun script with the following line:
      > set HOME=%USERPROFILE:Documents and Settings=DOCUME~1%
      > i.e. to equate it to the "short name" of %USERPROFILE%. You -- or
      > your sysadmin -- could equate it with %USERPROFILE%\Application
      > Data, I see nothing wrong with that. Matter of taste, again.
      In this case I would prefer

      set HOME=%USERPROFILE%\My Documents

      and then handle the vim configuration directly in my personal data.
      The _vimrc file I would make invisible. Like in linux. Extremly
      matter of taste ...

      > IIRC, $VIMINIT is for compatibility with earlier releases. I
      > believe that it can be left unset. It should not be set to the
      > above because it is an Ex-command, not a path.
      Thanks for mention this -- I didn't realise this.

      > Well, I could live with your configuration if I had, or with
      > something very much like it. But I'm not going to change mine
      > either, as long as it works.
      Never touch a running system ;-)

      Best regards,
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