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53861Re: vimrc on windows

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  • Mathias Michaelis
    Sep 29, 2004
      Hi Antoine

      >>> On systems where soft links are possible (they are on Unix,
      >>> and I've heard they are possible on NTFS filesystems too but
      >>> I'm not yet as deep versed as that into the "novelties" of
      >>> NT-like systems)
      >> Soft links are common files that ends up with .lnk. I can't
      >> imagine that vim will interpret that as soft links.
      > Explorer might interpret them as soft links. But I'm not sure
      > w're talking about the same thing. .LNK shortcuts existed on my
      > W98 system (on a FAT32 filesystem) but I've heard say that NTFS
      > had a kind of soft links that FAT32 hasn't got. I'm not sure what
      > it is, though.
      Hmmm. On my Windows XP system, if I create links by means of the
      "create shortcut" context menu entry, I get a LNK file.

      But your right, theoretically there are other possibilities. But
      they seam not be very practical to me:


      > Try to change Bram's mind about where Vim files must go. I'm
      > happy with the existing "vim philosophy" of storing them.
      Why should I? Bram's program work just fine in the way I use it --
      even if this was not the originally idea of the inventor ;-)

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