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53853Re: vimrc on windows

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    Sep 29, 2004
      Mathias Michaelis <michaelis@...> wrote:
      > Bonjour Antoine
      > > On systems where soft links are possible (they are on Unix, and
      > > I've heard they are possible on NTFS filesystems too but I'm not
      > > yet as deep versed as that into the "novelties" of NT-like systems)
      > >
      > Soft links are common files that ends up with .lnk. I can't imagine
      > that vim will interpret that as soft links.

      Explorer might interpret them as soft links. But I'm not sure w're talking
      about the same thing. .LNK shortcuts existed on my W98 system (on a FAT32
      filesystem) but I've heard say that NTFS had a kind of soft links that FAT32
      hasn't got. I'm not sure what it is, though.
      > > NB. I don't see an "Application Data" subdir in my C:\Documents and
      > > Settings\Tony (aka %USERPROFILE%) on my new (French-language) XP
      > > system. The nearest to it that I can see is "Mes documents".
      > >
      > No, I don't mean "my documents". The directory I mean is hidden, and
      > it's name depends unfortunately on the language. Perhaps it is
      > listet when you type "dir" in a cmd.exe window.

      If I do just "dir" (which is what I did) I don't. But I do see it (as
      "Application Data") with "dir /a: " or in Windows Explorer, where I
      configured the folders to show hidden files, albeit in a different color
      (not as bright).
      > I will summarise our discussion soon and then see if I or the
      > community can learn something about it. But this is to say that I
      > worked hard to find a configuration of vim that matches the "windows
      > philosophy" of storing the configuration data.
      > Till soon,
      > Mathias

      Try to change Bram's mind about where Vim files must go. I'm happy with the
      existing "vim philosophy" of storing them.

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