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53852Re: vimrc on windows

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    Sep 29, 2004
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      David.Fishburn@... wrote:
      > NB. I don't see an "Application Data" subdir in my C:\Documents and
      > Settings\Tony (aka %USERPROFILE%) on my new (French-language) XP
      > system.
      > That directory is hidden, so in explorer you have to tell it to show
      > hidden files.
      > Dave

      Oh, I see. And I tend to forget that in CMD.EXE I have to use /A: to see the
      full contents, hidden or not (on my former system I ueds NDOS.COM, a clone
      of 4DOS.COM, and there I could tell it once and for all that I always wanted
      to see them). On Unix I seem to remember ls -a somewhat more easily -- and I
      can use aliases.

      Does CMD.EXE know anything similar to the "alias" command of bash and 4DOS?
      It'd be useful. (I already found out about
      Processor\AutoRun and set it to run a BAT script of my choice when it starts
      up. I don't like editing the registry but in this case it seemed simple
      enough -- and it works AFAICT)

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