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53851Re: vimrc on windows

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  • Mathias Michaelis
    Sep 29 1:32 PM
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      Bonjour Antoine

      > On systems where soft links are possible (they are on Unix, and I've heard
      > they are possible on NTFS filesystems too but I'm not yet as deep versed as
      > that into the "novelties" of NT-like systems)
      Soft links are common files that ends up with .lnk. I can't imagine
      that vim will interpret that as soft links.

      > NB. I don't see an "Application Data" subdir in my C:\Documents and
      > Settings\Tony (aka %USERPROFILE%) on my new (French-language) XP system. The
      > nearest to it that I can see is "Mes documents".
      No, I don't mean "my documents". The directory I mean is hidden, and
      it's name depends unfortunately on the language. Perhaps it is
      listet when you type "dir" in a cmd.exe window.

      I will summarise our discussion soon and then see if I or the
      community can learn something about it. But this is to say that I
      worked hard to find a configuration of vim that matches the "windows
      philosophy" of storing the configuration data.

      Till soon,
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