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53835Re: vimrc on windows

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  • Mathias Michaelis
    Sep 29, 2004
      Hi Antoine,

      > The VIM environment var should be the same for everyone ... Also,
      > ... I recommend adding to your PATH the directory holding vim.exe
      > and/or gvim.exe ... See :help starting.txt ...
      Hmm..., but :help $VIM (contained in :help starting.txt) is
      contradicting you: The environment variable "$VIM" is used to locate
      various user files for Vim, such as the user startup script
      ".vimrc". ... You can use this to make Vim look in a specific
      directory for its support files. Example: setenv VIM /home/paul/vim

      Furthermore: The variable $HOME is IMHO not "vim specific" enough. I
      want all the numerous files (and the user specific vimfiles-tree) in
      a directory called `vimĀ“ somewhere in %USERPROFILE% or %HOMEPATH%.

      Setting $VIMRUNTIME to the PATH is not necessary because the vim
      installer gvim6?.exe puts some BAT files in the %windir% path.
      Certainly, I can set the PATH and then delete some of the BAT files,
      but why should I do this?

      But anyway: If you can give me an example of something that doesn't
      work with my (certainly non standard) configuration, then I will
      belief you ;-) I am just happy with my vim environment at the
      moment :-)

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