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53802Re: vimrc on windows

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    Sep 28, 2004
      Tom Dailey <res0jmez@...> wrote:
      > I'm trying to get vim running on a Windows box.
      > According to the instructions, the .vimrc file should
      > be named _vimrc, and placed in the directory named
      > in the $VIM variable. So I set $VIM to C:\ and created
      > the _vimrc file in C:\, but vim didn't pick up the map
      > command that I put in the _vimrc file. What did I do
      > wrong?
      > Tom Dailey

      1) When in (g)vim, what is the answer to ":echo $VIM" (without the quotes) ?

      2) Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT/2K/XP ? (Or, for that matter, Windows 3.1

      1) If your vim.exe and/or gvim.exe is/are in C:\Program Files\vim\vim63,
      then the "normal" value for the VIM environment variable is (avoiding
      spaces) C:\PROGRA~1\VIM . Setting VIM to C:\ seems to imply that your
      executables are in C:\vim63 which is unusual.

      2) Even on Windows, you can use the HOME environment variable (by default,
      it is unset on 95/98 and IIUC ME but not on XP and IIUC NT/2K). On multiuser
      computers, its value should be the name of a "private" directory, different
      for each user. (On my single-user W98 system it used to be D:\HOME . On my
      XP system it is C:\DOCUME~1\Tony where DOCUME~1 is the "short" name for
      "Documents and Settings" -- avoiding spaces again). You can also use either
      _vimrc or .vimrc on both Unix and Windows -- it's just that if both are
      present, Unix Vim will use .vimrc and Dos/Windows Vim will use _vimrc, but
      if only one of them is there, any Vim will use it.

      3) Near the middle of the :version display, Vim says what directories it
      searches for what configuration files. Even though that listing doesn't say
      it, if a filename starting with _ (or .) is ot found, Vim will next try the
      same name with . (or _) instead.

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