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52323coredump when pasting from xterm

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  • Soh Tk-r28629
    Aug 9, 2004
      On SunOS 4.1.3_U1, compiled with gcc v2.8.0, I got a segv fault when trying to paste
      selected text on xterm into gvim. I disabled the signal handler to capture the stack trace.
      Any idea what's happened?

      config options are: --disable-xim --enable-gui=athena

      (gdb) where
      #0 0xef723edc in _XConvertCTToMB ()
      #1 0xef72ff94 in XmbTextPropertyToTextList ()
      #2 0x17a8f4 in clip_x11_request_selection_cb (w=0x2713c0, success=0x1fe370, sel_atom=0xefffec50,
      type=0xefffebf4, value=0x351fb0, length=0xefffebec, format=0xefffebf0) at ui.c:2029
      #3 0xef765f28 in HandleNormal ()
      #4 0xef766230 in HandleSelectionReplies ()
      #5 0xef756998 in CallEventHandlers ()
      #6 0xef756d2c in DispatchEvent ()
      #7 0xef757440 in DecideToDispatch ()
      #8 0xef757620 in XtDispatchEvent ()
      #9 0x17ab10 in clip_x11_request_selection (myShell=0x2713c0, dpy=0x208068, cbd=0x1fafd0) at ui.c:2106
      #10 0x199984 in clip_mch_request_selection (cbd=0x1fafd0) at gui_x11.c:2963
      #11 0x179e8c in clip_gen_request_selection (cbd=0x1fafd0) at ui.c:1443
      #12 0x105d3c in clip_get_selection (cbd=0x1fafd0) at ops.c:5399
      #13 0xfa6f8 in may_get_selection (regname=42) at ops.c:883
      #14 0xffc20 in do_put (regname=42, dir=-1, count=1, flags=2) at ops.c:3097
      #15 0xea050 in do_mouse (oap=0x0, c=-12285, dir=-1, count=1, fixindent=0) at normal.c:2328
      #16 0x24b3c in ins_mouse (c=-12285) at edit.c:6736
      #17 0x1888c in edit (cmdchar=105, startln=0, count=1) at edit.c:1026
      #18 0xf7e0c in invoke_edit (cap=0xeffff798, repl=0, cmd=105, startln=0) at normal.c:8169
      #19 0xf7d88 in nv_edit (cap=0xeffff798) at normal.c:8142
      #20 0xe7300 in normal_cmd (oap=0xeffff838, toplevel=1) at normal.c:1111
      #21 0xa4068 in main_loop (cmdwin=0) at main.c:2181
      #22 0xa3b78 in main (argc=0, argv=0xeffffa44) at main.c:1999
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