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50363Re: 2html.vim script question

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  • Benji Fisher
    May 21, 2004
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      On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 11:33:24PM -0400, Charles H. Shooshan III wrote:
      > Hi!
      > I'm using Vim 6.2.233 on a Mac with OS X 10.3.3. I have been trying to
      > generate html files from java files (with gvim) from the Terminal (bash
      > shell) command-line with some limited success.
      > This works but produces the colors from vim not gvim version (washed
      > out):
      > vim -c "runtime! syntax/2html.vim" -c "wq" -c "q" Hello.java

      Did you do something so that "vim" from the command line refers to
      your 6.2.233, or does it still invoke the version of vim (6.2, no
      patches, no GUI) included with OS X.iii? If you are not sure, try

      $ vim --version | less

      and check the first few lines of output. If you are using the version
      without GUI support, that will explain the problem. See the FAQ at
      for how to start your GUI vim from the command line. Or install the
      gvim shell script distributed with the binaries on that site.

      Note: this probably will not work remotely, e.g. by ssh from
      another computer. I think you have to be running a Mac OS X desktop to
      get the GUI to start running. AFAIK there is no way to avoid having the
      GUI window pop up while it is working.

      > Any attempt to duplicate this command for gvim fails with various error
      > messages (missing arguments, etc.).

      What error message do you get from

      $ vim -g -c "runtime! syntax/2html.vim" -c "wq" -c "q" Hello.java

      (add the -g flag)? What happens when you leave off one -c argument at a
      time, eventually getting to

      $ vim -g Hello.java

      > P.S. Not related to Vim, but if any Java gurus have any trick as to how
      > to incorporate syntax highlighted source code in a Javadoc, I would
      > appreciate it (the linksource switch only incorporates source code as
      > plain text).

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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