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503442html.vim script question

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  • Charles H. Shooshan III
    May 20, 2004

      I'm using Vim 6.2.233 on a Mac with OS X 10.3.3. I have been trying to
      generate html files from java files (with gvim) from the Terminal (bash
      shell) command-line with some limited success.

      This works but produces the colors from vim not gvim version (washed
      vim -c "runtime! syntax/2html.vim" -c "wq" -c "q" Hello.java

      Any attempt to duplicate this command for gvim fails with various error
      messages (missing arguments, etc.).

      The help files mention a shell script like:
      for f in *.java; do gvim -f +"syn on" +"run! syntax/2html.vim" +"wq"
      +"q" $f; done
      but that fails as well.

      From within the GUI, the following works (nice colors) but doesn't
      help me in automating the process:
      :runtime! syntax/2html.vim

      So, any idea how to capture the GUI colors from a shell command or

      Thanks for any help,

      P.S. Not related to Vim, but if any Java gurus have any trick as to how
      to incorporate syntax highlighted source code in a Javadoc, I would
      appreciate it (the linksource switch only incorporates source code as
      plain text).
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