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50248Re: functions for several modes?

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  • Jorge Almeida
    May 18, 2004
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      On Tue, 18 May 2004, Steve Hall wrote:
      > > Thanks. My experience with vim programming is very limited, and I
      > > find difficult to understand the possibilities of the embedded
      > > programming language (does it have a name?).
      > I've always called it Vimscript.
      Is there documentation about it besides the two vim books we all know?
      (i mean, does it come from vi or somewhere else?)
      > > The single menu solution is necessary, since otherwise a few
      > > functions would fill the menu!
      > No, Vim only displays the menu for the mode you are currently in,
      > i.e., only one menu would be displayed at a time in my example.
      I think it can display a menu for all modes if defined with :amenu. The
      problem is what function does it call.

      Jorge Almeida
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