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49721Re:how to paste from clipboard?

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  • jeanphilippe.gois@b-rail.be
    Apr 29, 2004
      The clipboard content is held in the * register. So, in normal mode,
      you can just hit "*p to insert the clipboard content.
      To do the same with a command you just type
      :put *

      cfr :
      :he :put
      :he clipboard


      Jorge Almeida (29/04/04 08:56):
      >I want to make a function that would:
      > 1) :set paste
      > 2) paste clipboard contents
      > 3) :set nopaste
      >Step 2 is what we get when the mouse middle bottom is pressed on a
      >window. I need step 1 to avoid indentation problems. The function would
      >be invoked by a map in insert mode (the <Insert> key seems a nice
      >choice). The problem is, what command can implement step 2?
      >Jorge Almeida

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