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  • owen beresford
    Apr 22, 2004
      On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 15:07:14 -0500, "Sean C. Hubbell" <sch@...>
      > %s!192\.168\.1\.1!192\.168\.1\.2!g
      > % - global
      > s - substitute
      > . needs to be escaped as it is a special character
      > ! -just the delimiter I used
      > g - all occurrences on the line
      > I have a perl script that I wrote a while back that globs files in the
      > current directory. I do not know if you have perl installed, but if you
      > would like it I will send it to you (I will not send attachments to the
      > list). The example usage is
      > snr.pl OldPattern NewPattern File/s
      If you have bash why not use it?
      there are probably betterways of writting this but:

      #or set to what ever values you like
      #or whatever group of files you like
      #remove the pattern entirely to get ALL files

      for fn in $(ls $pattern)
      #stream through sed, as other poster suggested
      sed -e $subs $fn

      owen beresford

      http://www.fastmail.fm - mmm... Fastmail...
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