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48108Re: Keypresses being ignored - Solaris GTK

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 2, 2004
      William Fulton wrote:

      > I am having some basic editing problems using gvim on Solaris which
      > seems to only occur with syntax highlighting turned on. Keypresses are
      > being ignored. It can be demonstrated by creating the following file
      > (vimproblem.h)
      > class LockoutCalculator
      > {
      > public:
      > LockoutCalculator();
      > virtual ~LockoutCalculator();
      > };
      > Load it up using gvim -u NONE -U NONE vimproblem.h
      > Append an X (or anything else) to the class name then attempt to
      > comment out the word public... gvim commands:
      > :syn on [enter]
      > 1G
      > AX [esc]
      > jj
      > I//
      > The second forward slash does not appear, in fact any further editing
      > on this line requires most letters to be typed out twice for them to
      > appear.

      Strange, and I can't reproduce it. Especially because you first need to
      append something to the first line.

      Does this only happen when inserting "//"? That starts a comment, might
      be relevant. Does typing "/x" work?

      Did you try setting 'imdisable'? Just guessing... Hmm, "-multi_byte"
      suggests that you don't use XIM, thus this would not be the problem.

      > Compiler: gcc 3.1

      Try building without optimizing. Some gcc versions have a broken

      > Built with: /sbcimp/run/pd/gtk/1.2.10
      > /sbcimp/run/pd/perl/5.8.0/bin
      > /sbcimp/run/pd/python/2.2/bin
      > /sbcimp/run/pd/tcl/8.3.2/bin

      Try without perl/python/tcl. They may cause another library to be used

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