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48107Re: gVim on Windows and Python

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    Mar 2, 2004
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      Alejandro Lopez-Valencia <dradul@...> wrote:
      > On Tuesday, March 02, 2004 5:29 AM, Sascha Andres broke the silence of
      > shunyata and uttered:
      > >
      > > I do have a python23.dll. How do I tell vim to use this one
      > > instead?
      > The python 2.1 and the Python 2.3 runtime libraries are
      > *incompatible*.
      > You installed vim from the win32 binary installer at the FTP mirrors,
      > right? You'll need to compile your own.
      > See http://www.vim.org/ on how to obtain the source code. Visit
      > http://mingw.org, http://cygwin.com, and http://www.borland.com on how
      > to obtain a free Win32 C compiler and visit your local library for
      > books on how to actually compile the sources. Or find a real person
      > in the neighborhood that could teach you how, if you don't. :-)

      Just my 0.02 € :

      Not everyone is a guru. Wouldn't it be easier (in terms of manipulations,
      ...) to install python21.dll side-by-side with python23.dll on the same
      computer? Or are there other problems?

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