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48062Romanian IME on Windows XP

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  • Ionutz Borcoman
    Mar 1, 2004

      I have some problem with the Windows IME on WIndows XP.

      I am trying to write some text in Romanian using the windows IME. The
      problem is that, when I switch the IME and try to produce \u 0x015f I
      get \u 0x00ba.

      I have attached a file to this e-mail to illustrate my problem. Lines
      3-6 where typed in VIM with the Romanian IME activated. Lines 10-13
      where typed using the same IME, but in Notepad.exe, then copyed from it
      and pasted in the VIM. Lines 3-6 should be identical with 10-13, but
      they aren't !

      My questions are:

      1. any ideea why is this happening ?
      2. can this be solved without making a keymap for vim that translates \u
      0x00ba to \u 0x015f ?
      3. should I make a keymap that translates \u 0x00ba to \u 0x0015f or
      ignore alltogether the windows IME and make a keymap that translates ';'
      to \u 015f, for example ?


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