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47649Preserve case during search & replace?

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  • Paul Brinkley
    Feb 10, 2004
      [I searched all over the web for an answer to this problem,
      including vim.org's Tips, Sourceforge, Google, and Google
      Groups. I found one reference to it in comp.editors back in
      2001, unsolved. The thread title is
      "case-preserving replace in vi[m]?".]

      Basically, I'd like to replace (e.g.) "apple" with "banana"
      everywhere in a block of text, but if "apple" happens to be
      capitalized, it should be replaced with "Banana". In other
      words, I'd like a handy way of doing


      (assuming noignorecase) with one command.

      I could probably slog my way through a script to do this, but
      it strikes me as a fairly useful feature - would Vim be likely
      to have this feature added since 2001?

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