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47407RE: virus attachments

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  • Keith Roberts
    Feb 2, 2004
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      >-----Original Message-----
      >From: jonah [mailto:jonahgoldstein@...]
      >Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 9:47 AM
      >To: vim
      >Subject: virus attachments
      >I've been receiving 10-20 emails from the vim mailing list everyday
      >Mail Virus Protection marks as "Alert: Virus Detected but Not Cleaned."
      >everyone getting these? Is there some way we can stop them?

      I have to agree with this plaint! My sys.admins are getting pretty
      peeved about the 300+ notices that an infected email was received from
      this list and then disinfected. This is a lot of stuff they have to
      look at which they shouldn't have to.

      I can't see any reason why anti-virus protection shouldn't be applied to
      all emails coming into the list -- and infected ones being sidelined for
      later action, should it become necessary -- rather than being
      proliferated through the list to all its recipients.

      Granted, recipients' systems should be virus-protected themselves, but:
      a) neophyte users may not have such protection
      b) there is no reason we should baptize them by fire, as it
      by passing along infected emails to them
      c) there is no upside to pissing off corporations whose
      choose to avail themselves of this fine informational

      What would be involved in stripping out viral emails? Is there a
      downside? Shouldn't whatever system runs the list also be protected?
      Does letting them through (as happens now) infect the archives, as well?
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