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47371Re: sort & remove duplicate lines?

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    Feb 1, 2004
      Tim Musson <Tim@...> wrote:
      > vim,
      > I use Vim for everything, but find myself going to TextPad for one
      > or 2 things. I was wondering if there is a Vim equivalent?
      > The first one and the one I need most often is "sort & remove
      > duplicate lines". I know I can sort easily with ":n,n!sort", but I
      > don't know how to remove dups. Can anyone point me in the right
      > direction?
      > The other thing I do is repetitive processing (called Macros in
      > TextPad). For example, I have a list of files in my http/pix
      > directory. So I list them into the file;
      > img1.png
      > img2.png
      > etc...
      > Next I make it a html document displaying the image and it's name.
      > <img src=img1.phg width=99>img1.png<br>
      > <img src=img2.phg width=99>img2.png<br>
      > (I don't do this any more, but it was a simple example)
      > Thanks in advance for any pointers!
      > --
      > Tim Musson
      > Flying with The Bat! eMail v2.01.3
      > Windows 2000 5.0.2195 (Service Pack 3)
      > Printed on 100% recycled electrons.

      Unix has a filter called "uniq" to remove duplicate lines, so you may do
      (outside of Vim)

      sort < inputfilename | uniq > outputfilename

      If Windows has anything similar to that "uniq" filter, I'm not aware of it
      (the "sort" filter exists, with somewhat different command-line parameters
      than under Unix).

      Vim has utility scripts for sorting without calling an external program.
      IIRC, one such has been "announced" recently on this list. Or you might
      browse the "scripts" at vim-online ( http://vim.sourceforge.net/ ) using the
      site's search engine, looking for "sort".

      Once the lines are sorted, removing duplicates should be rather easy, maybe
      by building a user-command and/or a user-function (with range defaulting to
      the whole file) which would call getline() as many times as there are lines
      in the range, keeping the first line and, starting at the 2nd line of the
      range, removing any line which is equal to the previous one.

      :help getline()
      :help function
      :help :command

      Let's have a try at it (untested)

      command Uniq -range=% call RemoveDuplicates()
      function RemoveDuplicates() range
      let i = a:firstline + 1
      let endl = a:lastline
      while i <= endl
      if getline(i) == getline(i-1)
      exe i . "," . i . " delete"
      let endl = endl - 1
      let i = i+1

      Repetitive processing in Vim uses user-commands, user-functions, mappings,
      and abbreviations. Those are four different things. See the help items
      mentioned above, and also the various sections of

      :help map.txt

      Oh, yes, and there are also autocommands (for repetitive processing whenever
      some "events" are triggered) but maybe you will want to read about that
      later, when you have a lot of time for it.

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