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46376RE: Hello, and allout-vim 031229

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  • Keith Roberts
    Dec 31, 2003
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      >From: Fran├žois Pinard [mailto:pinard@...]
      >Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 12:55 PM
      >To: Keith Roberts
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      >Subject: Re: Hello, and allout-vim 031229
      >[Keith Roberts]
      >> If you are going to all that trouble already, then why not just create a
      >> self-extracting .exe?
      >I'm not that familiar with Microsoft systems, but it requires a lot
      >of confidence for me to run executable prepared by someone which I do
      >not really trust. It implies virus detectors, and such things. And
      >moreover, for me, it likely means that I shall buy and learn packaging
      >software, and I do not really need either! :-) Providing a mere archive
      >is so transparent: the user may scrutinise it if s/he feels like it.
      >Preparing a `.tgz', that's trouble I'm pretty used to, I've not much of
      >a problem there. If I prepare a `.zip' file in the format suggested by
      >Benji (easy now that the Makefile to do so has been written), this is
      >because he stressed that Microsoft users do not have `make' (or `tar').
      >> If all the support files are located correctly in the hierarchy, then
      >> it should be a simple matter of asking the user where to install
      >> it, then doing so. You could even show the README to the user, if
      >> necessary, wherever appropriate in the install process.
      >The `allout-vim' I wrote is a tiny thing, likely not to be popular. I
      >take it as a learning exercise about scripting Vim, and a way to get a
      >feeling of the Vim community. But if someone is kind enough to take me
      >by the hand and bring me on the technical details about creating nicer
      >archives for Microsoft users, in a way that I could fully automate here,
      >and using only small free-source tools, I'm surely willing to listen!
      >Fran├žois Pinard http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pinard

      Very good! I know even less about this stuff than you do, so I hope that
      anyone who chooses to offer some tutelage does so on-list, so that I (and
      maybe others) can avail ourselves of that knowledge as well.
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