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45619RE: Calling a function from a :s command (weird results)

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  • Klaus Bosau
    Nov 30, 2003
      On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, David Fishburn wrote:

      >>> I get this kind of thing once in a while; and if I remember correctly,
      >>> it's a quoting issue. From your results, it looks as if the \= isn't
      >>> being taken for its intended meaning. Without remembering what really
      >>> fixes this, I'd say go ahead and throw an extra backslash in there.
      >> Just a guess.. Flag 'C' in 'cpo'?
      > Nope.
      > cpoptions=aABceFs

      Second try..

      function! InvertString(str)
      " Courtesy of Antony Scriven
      " This will invert/reverse a string
      " This will work on arbitrary length strings, too. The /.*/ should
      " quick, which might make it up for using a regex rather than using
      " numerous commands in a :while loop.
      " This can be used in a substitute command as follows:
      " :%s/AUTHORIZATION/\=InvertString(submatch(0))
      let inverted = substitute(a:str, '.\(.*\)\@=',
      \ '\=a:str[strlen(submatch(1))]', 'g')

      return inverted

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