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45607Re: E33: No previous substitute regular expression

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  • Charles E Campbell
    Nov 30, 2003
      Mike Blocker wrote:

      >I've used Vim for years but I recently reloaded my Windows XP machine and
      >upgraded to Vim 6.2. For some reason, I now get the following message:
      >E33: No previous substitute regular expression
      >repeated 3 times every time I edit a file. I've tried switching to the
      >example _gvimrc and _vimrc files, but that didn't help.
      *) vim -u NONE -U NONE somefile
      Hopefully your E33 will go away.
      If so, check out where-did-the-error-occur:

      *) vim -V somefile
      should be a bunch of messages giving progress as Vim loads.
      Hopefully you'll be able to figure out where the problem occurs.
      If not, try even more verbose:

      *) vim -V20 somefile

      Chip Campbell
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