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44817RE: How to increase the height of the command line

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  • Patrick Williamson
    Nov 3, 2003
      this is along the lines of a feature that is in Vi but not in Vim (on winxp, anyway).

      if, in 'vi', you press 'Q', you get a command-line that doesn't disappear when you type your next command. so, for example, you can type Qf<return> (to list the filename), or Qls<return> to list all files in current directory, and then continue typing commands (whilst retaining the command output), until typing "vi" to return to normal mode.

      is there a way of achieving this in 'vim'?



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      > > how can I specify the height of the command line? The reason is: I
      > > do not want to press ENTER after executing a command that
      > reports the
      > > current line.
      > see :h 'ch'
      > hth
      > -ncr
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