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43002Re: padding lines to 80 characters [SOLVED]

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  • Antony Scriven
    Sep 1, 2003
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      John Aldridge wrote:

      > The old vi way [for padding a line] would be:
      > >:%s/$/<80 or more spaces go here>/g
      > :%s/^.\{80\}/&/
      > Actually, the caret (^) shouldn't be necessary,
      > but I think it clarifies the regex.

      Interesting quoting style! Anyway, that just replaces 80
      chars with itself. ?? Maybe a naughty program somewhere
      trimmed them. The ^ isn't necessary, but I always throw them
      in too. If you really want a vi-compatible way to pad lines
      to 80 chars, try this.


      You need to replace ^M with a real ctrl-M and all ^[s with
      real <Esc>s. Then suck the line into a register and execute
      it: "xyy@x You may need to :redraw afterwards. The `S' is to
      overcome :se ai if you try it in in Vim.

      expand removes tabs (assuming ts=8) otherwise the padding
      can look like it's wrong, even though it will be to 80 real
      characters, not screen columns. If you have control
      characters in lines it will still look messy however. I've
      used dots not spaces in the example so you can see the
      result. Lines longer than 80 are untouched. I could really
      have done it for lines longer than 79 chars, but never mind.

      There's quite a lot you can do with standard vi. Using vim's
      features, however, makes this sort of thing much more robust.
      That's obvious; I don't know why I said that.

      Anyway the OPs method is a good one.

      Antony (go vi, go!)
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