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42220Re: ftplugin errors

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  • Luc Hermitte
    Aug 2, 2003

      * On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 04:01:46AM +0300, Aaron <aamehl@...> wrote:
      > Now the logical question in the plugin help it says I need to
      > setlocal.
      > Which I assume means that I must tell it what options are local to my
      > script???
      > Would that be the same list just with my local options??

      No. It means that the options you want to set for your filetype
      (lilypond?) must be local.

      For instance, if you want a tabstop to value 2 with lilypond files, then
      add in your ftplugin:
      :setlocal tabstop 2

      Almost every option can be local to a buffer. Check the associated help.

      BTW, it is same thing with mappings and commands : prefer them to be local.
      -> ":inoremap <buffer> ... ...", ":command -buffer ... ...", etc.

      Luc Hermitte
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