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42185Re: More newbie questions

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Antony Scriven <ads1@...> wrote:
      > Antoine Mechelynck wrote:
      > > Antony Scriven <ads1@... >wrote:
      > > > [...] I've also just noticed that the default for
      > > > 'lcs' is not vi compatible: it doesn't show tabs as
      > > > ^I (at least not in my vim6.1). I'm guessing this is
      > > > because it fouls up alignment.
      > >
      > > According to what is said in the help, if you ":set
      > > list" and 'lcs' haven't been set (for instance in the
      > > vimrc) then tabs will appear as ^I. To make them appear
      > > white with 'list' on, then ":set lcs +=tab:\ \ ". But if
      > > 'list' is off (the default) vim shows tabs as whitespace
      > > and doesn't show any of the other suboptions (eol,
      > > trail, precedes, extends) of 'listchars'.
      > Hmm, I'm glad you've pointed this out. Of course vim
      > displays tabs as `^I' by default. Doing vim -u NONE a moment
      > ago and then :set list I get `^I' for tabs which is I what I
      > would have expected. Now, I then :set lcs=+tab:>-, and then
      > > set lcs& and had nothing displaying for tabs. :set lcs=
      > however did result in `^I' displaying for tabs.
      > I was able to reproduce this behaviour, but in the course of
      > writing up my exact steps it stopped happening. And now it
      > doesn't happen. Go figure. I think it was probably just a
      > glitch in the screen redrawing.
      > Antony

      Maybe. The helpfile says that the default setting for lcs is "eol:$" (and
      tab empty, ie, ^I). But I didn't actually check if it's true. My own
      preference goes to ":set lcs=tab:\ \ ,eol:ΒΆ" but other people have other
      tastes and that's what options are for: let everyone use what suits them

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