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41452Re: vim 6.2 installation/compile error

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  • Mark Thornber
    Jul 3, 2003
      At 20:53 02/07/03, Aschwin Marsman wrote:
      >On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Mike Wang wrote:
      > > Thanks, Aschwin. I changed the osdef.h per your suggestion and was
      > able to compile the source codes.
      >You're welcome. Can you send the declarations to the list, so that
      >we can try to solve this problem without the need for manual
      >patching the source?

      Interesting - I had a similar problem compiling vim6.2 on Solaris 8 using
      gcc. The compile tripped up over strcasecmp first but as I hacked osdef.h
      more and more declarations clashed. Also gcc whinged about system include
      files being specified and it was changing the include order.

      In the end I moved to a box with Forte 6 installed and every thing worked fine.

      I came to the conclusion that configure was unable to detect a mixed system
      - fine with all GNU (no problems on Debian) and fine with all Sun Forte 6
      but not happy with gcc and solaris 8 include files.

      I can recreate the problem and post the definitive errors if needed.


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      Enchanted Systems Limited
      Software Toolsmiths
      +44 (0) 1503 272097
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