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41409Re: weird 'rtp' problem

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  • Hari Krishna Dara
    Jul 1, 2003
      On Tue, 1 Jul 2003 at 10:22pm, Bram Moolenaar wrote:


      > >
      > >
      > > As the HOME directory is the current directory, it should pick the .vimrc
      > > that you just created. But since the HOME directory is modified to your
      > > actualy home directory and the rpt contains this directory, you can
      > > observe that all your plugins will be loaded as usual. But if you try to
      > > get the help on any installed plugins, Vim says that the tag is not
      > > found. You can verify that the directory exists in the 'rtp'. If you add
      > > the directory again, then it seems to pick it up. Also, if you use the
      > > full path in the directory instead of "~", then also it seems to pick it
      > > up fine. This looks like a bug to me.
      > This is a bit complicated to reproduce. What is the value of
      > 'runtimepath' after all this? Use this command:
      > :echo &runtimepath
      > Vim will search for "doc/tags" files in all directories in
      > 'runtimepath'. I can only imagine the value of 'runtimepath' is wrong.
      > Note that using a value for $HOME that is not an absolute path is very
      > unusual, this might cause trouble anyway.

      For the matter of fact, the actual case is more complicated than this,
      and I don't use a relative path as the HOME path either. You can very
      well use /tmp/vim as the HOME path to start with.

      I tried the scenario again with "c:\tmp\vim" as the HOME diretory to start
      with and "c:\hari" as the new HOME directory (set from inside vimrc).
      The 'rtp' value after vim starts up:


      And here is the output of :script command:

      1: c:\tmp\vim\.vimrc
      2: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\PushPop.vim
      3: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\breakpts.vim
      4: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\chcmdmod.vim
      5: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\genutils.vim
      6: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\evolve.vim
      7: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\execmap.vim
      8: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\findInvokers.vim
      9: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\foldutil.vim
      10: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\idutils.vim
      11: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\javautils.vim
      12: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\multvals.vim
      13: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\ntprocesses.vim
      14: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\ntservices.vim
      15: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\perforce.vim
      16: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\remcmd.vim
      17: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\selectbuf.vim
      18: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\smartctrl-w.vim
      19: c:\hari\package\vim\plugin\undoins.vim
      20: c:\win32-gnu\vim\plugin\explorer.vim
      21: c:\win32-gnu\vim\plugin\gzip.vim
      22: c:\win32-gnu\vim\plugin\netrw.vim
      23: c:\win32-gnu\vim\plugin\rrhelper.vim
      24: c:\win32-gnu\vim\plugin\tohtml.vim

      And here is the output of dir on the doc director:

      c:\tmp\vim>dir c:\hari\package\vim\doc
      Volume in drive C has no label.
      Volume Serial Number is 70E6-DAB4

      Directory of c:\hari\package\vim\doc

      06/11/2003 01:48p <DIR> .
      06/11/2003 01:48p <DIR> ..
      06/11/2003 01:48p 78,205 perforce.txt
      04/10/2003 06:05p 30,675 selectbuf.txt
      05/23/2003 02:30p 11,322 tags
      3 File(s) 120,202 bytes
      2 Dir(s) 926,576,640 bytes free


      As you can see, all the components are valid and I have help files in
      the doc directory under the first rtp directory, but still, these files
      can't be found by vim. I reported this bug because I got intrigued by
      it. I have solved the issue by using the full path to represent the home
      directory, instead of using "~".


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