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41407Re: weird 'rtp' problem

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 1, 2003
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      Hari Krishna Dara wrote:

      > I am modifying 'rtp' from my .vimrc and I find that it is causing trouble
      > in finding help files. Though a particular directory exists in 'rtp',
      > the help files under the doc directory are not found by the :help
      > command (and yes, I did run :helpt, actually several times). I could
      > even narrow it down to the following code in the vimrc. To reproduce it,
      > please do the following:
      > - Go to a temp directory, say /tmp/vim.
      > - Set HOME to the current directory. Setting it to "." should suffice.
      > - Create .vimrc file with the following as the contents:
      > let $HOME='c:/hari'
      > let $VIMPACKAGE='~/package/vim'
      > " Remove unnecessary paths as we know where to find the files.
      > set runtimepath-=~/vimfiles
      > set runtimepath-=~/vimfiles/after
      > set runtimepath-=~/.vim
      > set runtimepath-=~/.vim/after
      > set runtimepath-=$VIM/vimfiles
      > set runtimepath-=$VIM/vimfiles/after
      > let &runtimepath = $VIMPACKAGE . ',' . &runtimepath
      > - Adjust the HOME directory to your actual home directory and
      > VIMPACKAGE to the directory containing plugin, doc etc.
      > (~/vimfiles or ~/.vim, make sure you use ~ instead of the fullpath).
      > - Now start vim.
      > As the HOME directory is the current directory, it should pick the .vimrc
      > that you just created. But since the HOME directory is modified to your
      > actualy home directory and the rpt contains this directory, you can
      > observe that all your plugins will be loaded as usual. But if you try to
      > get the help on any installed plugins, Vim says that the tag is not
      > found. You can verify that the directory exists in the 'rtp'. If you add
      > the directory again, then it seems to pick it up. Also, if you use the
      > full path in the directory instead of "~", then also it seems to pick it
      > up fine. This looks like a bug to me.

      This is a bit complicated to reproduce. What is the value of
      'runtimepath' after all this? Use this command:

      :echo &runtimepath

      Vim will search for "doc/tags" files in all directories in
      'runtimepath'. I can only imagine the value of 'runtimepath' is wrong.

      Note that using a value for $HOME that is not an absolute path is very
      unusual, this might cause trouble anyway.

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