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41394Temp file error with make

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  • Carter N.
    Jul 1, 2003
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      Hello all,

      I'm trying to run the 32-bit DOS Vim6.2 on an old 486 PC, running DOS 6.22

      However, when I run ":make", with "compiler borland", which processes the
      file borland.vim from vim.org (so makeprg=bpc/ Q), I'm getting the following
      error message:

      E483: Can't get temp filename

      The computer itself, and the bpc compiler both seem to work fine. Also, my
      vimrc says

      set backupdir=c:\windows\temp
      set dir=c:\windows\temp

      Which are both valid directory names.

      I couldn't find any information on the causes of this error, so could some
      kind soul tell me what the problem and/or solution is?

      Many thanks.

      Neil Carter Psychology Department
      IT Technician University of Wales Swansea
      Wales, United Kingdom