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39442Re: Where did escape go?

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  • Benji Fisher
    Apr 30, 2003
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      Benji Fisher wrote:
      > Dirk Schenkewitz wrote:
      >> "noremap a :highlight Normal guibg=MistyRose<cr>a"
      >> has this "<cr>" in it. That might affect something, but I'm just
      >> guessing, and even if it's true I have no idea how to get around it.
      >> I'm merely a bloody beginner to vim...
      >> Can anyone of the experts tell us, please?
      > Yes, that's the problem. Now, when you type "gqap" (starting in
      > Normal mode) it gets expanded to "gq:highlight Normal
      > guibg=MistyRose<cr>ap" and the : aborts the gq command.

      P.S. After the "gq", vim is in Operator-pending mode, so one solution is to use
      an :nnoremap (applies only in Normal mode) instead of a :noremap (Normal,
      Visual, and Operator-pending modes).

      :help vim-modes
      :help map-modes

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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