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39348Re: Where did escape go?

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  • John Culleton
    Apr 27, 2003
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      On Sunday 27 April 2003 10:14 am, John Culleton wrote:
      > I understand there is documentation somewhere on remapping keys
      > for Vim on Windows. And I hope there is documentation on this
      > intriguing Evim or modeless form of Vim that I have discovered
      > through this thread. But unfortunately there is so MUCH
      > documentation that it is a bit like hiding a leaf in a forest.
      > So can anyone suggest specific sources on these two questions:
      > 1. Remapping keys in Win98SE
      > 2. Using colon etc. commands in Evim.
      > All assistance appreciated.
      > John Culleton

      A further update: I reloaded Win 98 and my original problem went away.
      Escape now works as expected.

      But I would still like pointers to answers on the above two questions.

      I am interested in Evim not so much for myself, but I am writing a book
      which among other things recommends Vim as a better text editor than
      MSWord. However my audience will be if possible less technically adept
      than I am so I want to start them out with something that is not
      "mode hell." I always find myself in the wrong mode and have to backrack
      when for example the string "gqap" appears in the text of a paragraph.

      All assistance, past, present and hopefully future appreciated :=)

      John Culleton

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