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39337Re: Where did escape go?

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  • John Culleton
    Apr 27, 2003
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      On Saturday 26 April 2003 07:01 pm, Michael Naumann wrote:
      > On Sunday 27 April 2003 00:47, John Culleton wrote:
      > > Please forgive if this is a FAQ. I seldom use my Win 98SE
      > > partition, but I have need to work over on that side for various
      > > reasons. I downloaded Vim and it seemed to install OK. Then I
      > > tried a test file in Gvim. Couldn't get the Escape key to work!
      > >
      > > Is this a Vim configuration problem or something wrong with
      > > my Windows install? Or is another key used instead?
      > >
      > > Thanks for any help.
      > Maybe you started evim.
      > Try <C-O>:set noinsertmode
      > HTH, Michael

      Ah, the never-ending wonders of Vim! I did indeed select the
      Evim graphic by mistake, not knowing there was such a thing.
      But when I got religion and used regular Gvim instead the
      problem persisted. Also, only the right hand control key plus
      [ (CTRL+[) works as a substitute. I have used the left hand
      control key for literally decades because on the earlier
      terminals that was the only one.

      I use a standard 104 key keyboard (101 regular keys plus those
      funny Windows ones), Compaq brand, $35 at Radio Shack,
      and I have a plain-jane Win 98SE install. I did have a
      Logitech cordless before so perhaps I should reinstall Windows
      or something.

      I understand there is documentation somewhere on remapping keys
      for Vim on Windows. And I hope there is documentation on this
      intriguing Evim or modeless form of Vim that I have discovered
      through this thread. But unfortunately there is so MUCH
      documentation that it is a bit like hiding a leaf in a forest.

      So can anyone suggest specific sources on these two questions:

      1. Remapping keys in Win98SE
      2. Using colon etc. commands in Evim.

      All assistance appreciated.

      John Culleton

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