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38577Re: positioning in a vim file from another window

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  • Pavel Tavoda
    Apr 2, 2003
      Generally I don't know, however for grep like positioning
      and error positioning here is some support;
      :help grep
      :help quickfix
      :help colder


      Eric Winger wrote:

      >My coworker & I are debating whether vim can do this emacs thing. He thinks
      >vim can, I'm not convinced.
      >In general, does vim have the capability to reposition another buffer and move
      >to that position in the other buffer? (Or is window the correct term)
      >Here's two examples from emacs I'm thinking of:
      >* I can open a buffer list in emacs navigate to a line in the buffer list,
      >press Enter or o and the alternate buffer will open and put me in that
      >* I can do a 'grep' or Mx list-matching-lines and get a nice little buffer of
      >all matching lines in the current buffer. From which I can press Enter and be
      >taken to that line in the other buffer.
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