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38576positioning in a vim file from another window

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  • Eric Winger
    Apr 2, 2003
      My coworker & I are debating whether vim can do this emacs thing. He thinks
      vim can, I'm not convinced.

      In general, does vim have the capability to reposition another buffer and move
      to that position in the other buffer? (Or is window the correct term)

      Here's two examples from emacs I'm thinking of:
      * I can open a buffer list in emacs navigate to a line in the buffer list,
      press Enter or o and the alternate buffer will open and put me in that

      * I can do a 'grep' or Mx list-matching-lines and get a nice little buffer of
      all matching lines in the current buffer. From which I can press Enter and be
      taken to that line in the other buffer.


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