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38518Re: special characters, besides digraphs

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  • Aleksandar Jelenak
    Mar 31 7:57 AM
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      > How do I type in characters which are not in the keyboard?

      See ":help i_CTRL-V_digit".

      > I often copy text into vim from other programs, and it puts in
      > characters that look like ' or ` or " (like the html ‘, ’
      > ” “ but they're not those characters...
      > ga
      > gives me:
      > <”> 8221, Hex 201d, Octal 20035
      > They're not defined under :he digraphs (thanks Valeriu Kondakoffu for
      > the tip).

      This, I'd say, depends on the font you use. I can see the sign you
      mention with the ":digraph" command using the Andale Mono font. Its
      digraph combination is "9. All this after executing a ":set enc=utf-8"

      > So, how can I figure out what the weird character is and type it in for
      > substitution --- :s//

      Use the substitute command and enter those signs via their character
      code. See the help item at the beginning of this message.

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