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37567Re: wish return DOS (short) form of NAME

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  • Bruce Mellows
    Mar 3, 2003
      From the Win32 API (exists from win95 and NT3.1 onwards)

      HANDLE FindFirstFile(LPCTSTR pattern, LPWIN32_FIND_DATA pData)
      BOOL FindClose(HANDLE h)


      LPWIN32_FIND_DATA data;
      HANDLE h = FindFirstFile(pchExactPathName, &data);
      if (h)
      const char* pchEightPointThreeName = data.cAlternateFileName; //
      FIXME - take a copy

      Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      >Xiangjiang Ma wrote:
      >>For vim for win32, can we have an option to return DOS filename?
      >>How about %:P, %:P:H, etc (captital letter)?
      >>Reason: for those poor Windows users, :set ssl<CR> helps a lot.
      >>But space in the filename is a constant trouble. Recently, after
      >>using gvim.exe 6.1.358, I found my following favorite map is broken:
      >>nme <silent>PopUp.Open_IE_&View :norm :sil! !start
      >>C:/Progra~1/intern~1/iexplore -nohome "%:p"<CR>
      >Is there always a short name? E.g., on NTFS file systems.
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