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  • Payal Rathod
    Mar 1, 2003
      Thanks for the mails. I *think* I got it cleared. Just confirming this.
      The comments besides each line indicate what I did.
      I have,

      $ vim sample.dat

      Line 1 # "ayy
      Line 2 # "bdd
      Line 3 # "cyy
      Line 4 # "myy
      Line 5
      Line 6

      So it means that now I have Line 1,2,3,4 in registers a,b,c,m
      respectively. Right?

      Now I go to Line 5 and do "dd" and similarly on Line 6. Which registers
      are now Line 5 and Line 6 copied into by default?

      Thanks a lot for all the help.
      With warm regards,

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      Guest-Book Section Updated.
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