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37456Re: Problems in linux w Windows _vimrc

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  • Benji Fisher
    Feb 27, 2003
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      David Turetsky wrote:
      > I am running vim 6.1 (2002 Mar 24) under Windows XP, and vim 6.1.18
      > under linux 3.0r1 (Woody)
      > I love my vimrc under windows, which starts with Bram’s example vimrc,
      > add’s Jeff Kinzli’s potpourri of nice additions, and also includes
      > colormenu.vim by Geoff Reedy
      > When I pasted the Windows vimrc onto the tail end of the vimrc that
      > comes with the woody distribution, I got color highlighting, but vim
      > opens up with a long list of complaints to the shell
      > I’ve been commenting out segments, but though even commented out, vim
      > complains about the code as though the comment (“) wasn’t even there
      > I’ve got a bunch of ‘Not an editor command: ^M (yes, I know, this is a
      > carriage return), and things like ‘E15: Invalid expression:
      > globpath(&rtp, “colors/*.vim”)^M
      > The latter occurs even though I first changed the variable in globpath
      > to “/usr/vim/colors/*.vim” which I had set up and installed all of the
      > colorscheme files I got from the php list
      > Even though I’ve then commented that line out and similarly commented
      > out ‘bs=2^M’ and ‘ch=2^M’, it keeps complaining
      > Any insights?

      First, make sure that you have unix-style line endings:

      :set ft=unix

      With luck, that should solve at least the ^M problems. If there are still
      problems, try to cut down the file so that you get only a few errors, and then
      try to figure out what is going wrong.

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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