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  • Tim Chase
    Feb 21, 2003
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      > Could someone describe the mswin.vim script?

      well, it's this pain in the...oh, you mean... ;)

      > (how to use it and how to get it) I like vim because I use it
      > on linux, but I am wrestling a bit with it on windows. (

      I'm not sure if it's included in non-windows distributions...but it comes
      with the Windows install, and is dropped right in your vim directory.
      Usually the default vimrc will source this file. Disabling it is as
      simple as commenting/deleting the "source mswin.vim" line in your vimrc.
      If you *want* it (rolls eyes) on another platform, check to make sure
      you've got the mswin.vim file in your vim folder and just add the

      source mswin.vim

      (or "source $VIM/vim61/mswin.vim" adjusted for your paths)

      For details on the script, it's pretty easy to understand when you open up
      the mswin.vim file. It's got comments that are hard to mistake :)

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