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36485RE: WinXP right-click edit menu

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  • Dan Sharp
    Feb 4, 2003
      >From: <vim@...>
      > > Also, as of patch 6.1.149, you can automatically select 2-4
      > > files and open
      > > them in diff mode with the "Diff with Vim" option. Really
      > > nice for quickly
      > > comparing different versions of a file.
      >I don't seem to have this feature even though I'm running 6.1.284. I can
      >see "Edit with multiple Vims", and "Edit with single Vim", but not "Diff
      >with Vim". Am I missing anything?
      >This would be one of the features I've been craving for. 8-)

      You will need to compile gvimext.dll separately, since it is not done
      automatically by the Vim makefiles. Look in the vim61\gvimext directory for
      the source. You can use the MSVC++ or Borland compilers, or if you have
      time, you could lok at the vim-dev archives from last month and get the
      patches to compile gvimext.dll with the MinGW compiler. The README.txt in
      that same directory should get you going.

      Dan Sharp

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