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36451Re: WinXP right-click edit menu

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    Feb 3, 2003
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      Steve Hall <digitect@...> wrote:
      > Antoine J. Mechelynck wrote:
      > > Under Win98 I have a folder C:\WINDOWS\SendTo where I can put
      > > shortcuts for any program that I want to see in the SendTo submenu
      > > after right-clicking a file. Maybe XP has something similar?
      > It does, and I almost remarked about this except that it is far from
      > the convenient right-click,V I enjoy. (The SendTo key character is
      > "N", which is right hand, same as my mouse. ;)

      Right-click - move mouse pointer SendTo submenu header - submenu opens -
      move pointer to vim entry in submenu - left-click.

      Of course if gvim appears in the "main" right-click menu it's quicker to use
      that. (right-click - move mouse pointer to "Edit with vim" - left-click --
      or with both hands as you seem to be doing)
      > A reinstall finally fixed it as I mentioned, but I don't understand
      > how it worked. Didn't find "Edit with Vim" anywhere in the registry,
      > or a Tip at VimOnline. The source code's GvimExt folder implies
      > gvimext.dll is somehow involved, but I can't figure.

      Apparently every instance of gvim (+ole if it makes any difference -- and I
      don't use console vim on M$W) adds an entry "Edit with existing vim", but
      all af those, incl. the always-present "Edit with vim" appear only for some
      files (including .bat or .lnk but not .pif or directories). The SendTo
      mechanism is much more unsubtle. It will even work with a binary executable
      (but be sure you know what you're doing if you want to alter the binary and
      save it).

      > If somebody can clue me, I'll write a Tip that also links the other
      > reg-manipulating tips for viewing source in IE, opening
      > non-associateds, etc.
      > Steve Hall [ <digitect>@<mindspring>.<com> ]
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