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36423Re: Re: WinXP right-click edit menu

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  • digitect@mindspring.com
    Feb 3, 2003
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      From: Dan Sharp, 02/03/03 10:49 AM
      > From: digitect@...
      > >
      > > A recent update to Windows XP has removed my "right click to edit"
      > > menu item for gvim. But I can't seem to find the installer file
      > > that does this and install.exe doesn't present the option either.
      > If you run install.exe, then menu option 13 should be what you want:
      > 13 Install an entry for Vim in the popup menu for the right
      > mouse button so that you can edit any file with Vim

      I don't get that option!

      Ok, Vim re-install from standard 6.1.0 distribution. Doesn't work.

      Complete uninstall, then re-install--works!

      <sigh> Not sure what was going on, guess it was a local problem. Sorry
      for wasting the bandwidth.

      Steve Hall [ digSitPecAt@... (remove "SPAMFREE") ]
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