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35541Re: Toggle 'modified' flag

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  • Klaus Bosau
    Jan 1, 2003
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      On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, Antoine J. Mechelynck wrote:

      > I meant you to type :verbose setlocal modified? yourself as a Vim
      > command, not enter it into a script;

      Sorry, maybe I misunderstood. I thought you wanted me to trace what
      happens after the script referred to is done.

      > and if you put it before the redir command, it won't be redirected,
      > but its output (if any) will appear on the command-line.

      Of course you're right. Must have messed it up when writing it down
      again. I took a look a few moments ago but the script showed me the
      right order... Sorry!

      > But apparently even if you get an answer it might be for a different
      > buffer.

      Well, I was interested in any kind of information related to this also
      cause I realized that restricting the answer on buffer related topics
      might be too strong.

      > I'm not sure what I should think. Maybe there is something pertinent
      > to your case under :help local-options, just before the *:setl*
      > helptag.

      Thanks! I'll take a look...

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