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35483Re: Problem with menu item

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  • Klaus Bosau
    Dec 30, 2002
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      On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Benji Fisher wrote:

      > It was worth a try. I do not know of a table, but you can try
      > :digraphs
      > If you do not see what you are looking for, try this little script:
      > let i = 0
      > while i < 255
      > let i = i+1
      > echo i . "\t" . nr2char(i)
      > endwhile
      > (Replace "echo" with "put =" and "\t" with \"\t\" to add the table to
      > the buffer instead of scrolling with more.)

      Thanks a lot! ":digraphs" has helped. I know the character codes now
      though, but I'm not quite sure if this could be helpful in any way at
      all. In decimal notation they read

      | 139, 250, 88, 128, 255, 88, 139, (12, 28, 138), 128

      (One of the characters sometimes changes I noticed...) Do you have any
      idea how this could be used to find out what happend?

      > I just tried it again, clicking on the menu item 17 times.
      > Have you tried starting vim without any of your startup files?
      > From a shell, expanding $VIMRUNTIME yourself,
      > $ gvim -u $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim -U
      > $VIMRUNTIME/gvimrc_example.vim
      > (sorry, my mailer broke the long line) and then
      > :source testmenu.vim

      I did some "investigative work" in the meantime. And it took me about an
      hour to get a slight impression of what happened but I'm afraid I'm not
      Vim'er enough to be able to make use of it - maybe you could put me a
      bit in the right direction. My first idea was that some of the settings
      made in the script referred to might interfere with settings made by
      another script source'd at the same time. So I shrank its content
      successively starting with those parts active when being source'd. After
      I shrank its volume for about 70% (turned active parts into comments)
      the problem suddenly disappeared. (I should say that the script referred
      to normally works fine and it in fact has not been changed in the last
      few weeks.) The strange part of what I found out however is that prior
      to reaching this point there weren't any active parts left at all, just
      declarations (function bodys only, no global variables, no mappings
      nothing that could interfere in any way...).

      Afterwards I found out that the same effect could be obtained by
      leaving this script untouched in its original state (functioning) and
      removing one of the other scripts instead residing too in the plugin
      directory. Now I'm wondering a bit if there might be something like an
      upper limit on the amount of source'd material. What do you think?

      Thanks again and happy new year!

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