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35479Re: Problem with menu item

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  • Klaus Bosau
    Dec 30, 2002
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      On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Benji Fisher wrote:

      > If you can get the characters into the buffer, then you can use "ga"
      > (without the quotes) in Normal mode to find out what they are. If you
      > are lucky, they may be stored in v:errmsg or v:statusmsg or you may be
      > able to select and copy them with the (ugh) mouse.
      > :echo v:statusmsg
      > :put = v:statusmsg
      > :help ga

      Hi Benji,

      thanks a lot for your reply! Unfortunately this didn't work, but I now
      know how they look like. Is there a table in Vim's help doc. I could use
      to identify the characters referred to?

      > The example looks OK to me, and does not cause a problem on my system
      > (Linux, gvim 6.1.263).

      A few minutes ago I tried it again. Four attempts... Each time I needed
      between 5 and 10 clicks on the testmenu item to make Vim crash resp.
      disable any menu related action. Again I could hear a short acoustic
      signal prior to this. To recover I had to quit and start Vim anew. - How
      often did you click on the item, Benji?

      Happy new year!

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