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35465Re: Problem with menu item

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  • Benji Fisher
    Dec 30, 2002
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      Klaus Bosau wrote:
      > Hi,
      > and thanks for your reply! I've been unable 'til now to create an
      > example that reproduces the problem I mentioned (Btw, the characters
      > shown in the status line seem to be the same each time this happens. Is
      > there a way to find out the corresponding character codes?),

      Even if the problem is not reproducible, it might help if you say
      what the menu items are that sometimes cause problems.

      If you can get the characters into the buffer, then you can use
      "ga" (without the quotes) in Normal mode to find out what they are. If
      you are lucky, they may be stored in v:errmsg or v:statusmsg or you may
      be able to select and copy them with the (ugh) mouse.

      :echo v:statusmsg
      :put = v:statusmsg
      :help ga

      > but another
      > problem (menu related too) I didn't mention cause it doesn't show up as
      > frequently as this one I could. (I'm not sure however if the commands
      > used are used in the right way, so I'd like to apologize if this should
      > be due to a misinterpretation of what I read in Vim's user manual.)
      [example snipped]
      > I discovered that clicking on the item frequently makes the program
      > crash. (GVim 6.1/W98)

      The example looks OK to me, and does not cause a problem on my
      system (Linux, gvim 6.1.263).

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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