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34874Re: Line change notification

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  • Sylvain Viart
    Dec 1, 2002
      Hi Todd,

      Todd Musall wrote:
      > Suppose I have a buffer and I've inserted a new word in lines 2, 7,
      > and 14. Undo certainly knows these three lines are changed so it can
      > "undo" each change in turn. Is there someway of getting this same
      > information, ie. the list of changed lines, from a script?
      So you may tell the answer. If undo can bring your change back,
      you could try to undo / redo the changes and try to match the line.

      You can also make a copy of the line an diff them... Probably not
      what you want.

      Could you give us the reason of the detection ?
      What do you want to do ?

      Hope That Helps,
      - Sylvain Viart -
      - Blainville - Canada -
      Je parle aussi le fran├žais.
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