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33907Re: Jump within function

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  • kbosau@web.de
    Nov 3, 2002
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      On 2 Nov 2002 at 9:20, Gumnos (Tim Chase) wrote:

      > > Hi Tim, thanks for the explanation! I'm a member this crowd too, so I
      > > simply added "normal G$/^>" to the function body and it turned out to
      > > work fine now. Just one question: "search-wrapping"... What do I have
      > > to do to turn this feature on?
      > The germane option is "wrapscan" (:he ws)
      > Depending on where you're doing this, there are times for both the G/^> and
      > the ex version of :0;/^> I'd use the former when doing it by hand (while
      > editing a document), and use the latter when putting it in a script. The
      > latter is also more likely faster (not that it matters much for the trivial
      > few cycles of processor difference that occur), as well as shorter to type
      > in a script (no need to "normal" it). IIRC, wrapscan defaults to being on
      > in vim, though I'm not sure about vanilla vi's behavior in this matter. I
      > first learned about the G/^> from the fabulous tutorial (that not only
      > teaches the basics like many sites do, but includes a number of great tips,
      > tricks, hints, and crazy stunts one can pull off in vi) found at
      > http://www.networkcomputing.com/unixworld/tutorial/009/009.html

      Hi Tim!

      It's really fabulous. I didn't know this site yet but I guess
      everybody using this editor, for whatever reasons, should know
      this source. Already bookmarked...

      Thanks for the hint!


      PS: The email extension I worked on is now ready and it turned
      out to be very comfortable. Unfortunately not every email/news-
      client offers a comfortable way to involve an external editor,
      though most of the inbuilt ones are not even able to do the
      simplest things. Pegasus for instance, a mail program with,
      definitely, the most crappy editing extension I ever saw. Try
      out and you'll start to love even "notepad"... :-) Bye!
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