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33877Re: Jump within function

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  • kbosau@web.de
    Nov 1, 2002
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      On 31 Oct 2002 at 16:00, Tim Chase wrote:

      > > The most straightforward (but much too often overlooked, sadly) way to
      > > do this is just putting what you want as an Ex line address:
      > >
      > > 0;/^>/
      > for the lazy ones in the crowd like myself, it seems to work fine without
      > the trailing slash. that one extra character can be a drag ;-) This even
      > has the nice advantage that it catches a > as the first character in a
      > file. Using gg/^> won't find that. (okay, so what you really need to do
      > for that one is to have search-wrapping on, and G$/^> to find the first
      > one in the file)

      Hi Tim, thanks for the explanation! I'm a member this crowd too, so I
      simply added "normal G$/^>" to the function body and it turned out to
      work fine now. Just one question: "search-wrapping"... What do I have
      to do to turn this feature on?

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